“I am a Brazilian obstetrician. My path to birth led me to new frontiers–in my career and beyond my country borders. When studying about the Anthropology of Birth, everything has made so much sense to me, and made me see my own work in a very different way. And theses paths could not take anywhere else than to Robbie´s house in Texas…. so there I went, and she did welcome me: she shared her house, shared her family, shared her friends.

In her loving home in Austin and in her great-grandmother’s historic home in Louisiana, I could find peace for my spirit, which arrived from Brazil so tormented. We shared so many good times. I even learned better English from speaking with Robbie and watching TV with her at night. I loved learning from her about what she has been studying all her life–birth cultures and all the anthropological, medical, and sociopolitical issues around them. I loved all the readings she assigned me. There is always so much more to learn with Robbie, it seems there wasn´t enough time! She has a strength and will that can be contagious for sure. She will never stop learning, teaching and writing. I leave my gratefulness here, hoping we can always meet each other again!!”
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