Rosana Fontes

“I am a Brazilian obstetrician. My path to birth led me to new frontiers–in my career and beyond my country borders. When studying about the Anthropology of Birth, everything has made so much sense to me, and made me see my own work in a very different way. And theses paths could not take anywhere else than to Robbie´s house in Texas…. so there I went, and she did welcome me: she shared her house, shared her family, shared her friends.

Ieva Paberzyte

When I wrote my first e-mail to Robbie Davis-Floyd, encouraged by my dear friend, I did not believe for a minute to receive a reply from the world-known anthropologist. Robbie replied within a few hours, as she always does, and already the next day I was buying my ticket to Austin. I have spent three weeks at Robbie’s home as an intern. My goal was to advance my doctoral thesis and to move beyond the point I was stuck in for awhile.

Michelle Sadler

Spending a few weeks with Robbie was an experience of pure delight. Beautiful house overlooking the forest, art nouveau colored-glass lamps in every corner, three friendly dogs, creek walks every other day… I was longing to have time for long and uninterrupted sessions of writing and I found that time at Robbie’s home. Plus super bonus: writing was followed by wonderful conversations and discussions with Robbie. And best of the day: fireplace, TV series (can´t believe I hadn´t watched Downtown Abbey!) and soup. Thank you Robbie.