“As a cultural anthropologist, I have spent over 20 years researching issues in the anthropology of reproduction, focusing most closely on childbirth, obstetrics, and midwifery, which I continue to study and write about. I have also found opportunities to branch out into other areas that fascinate me: ritual and gender studies, corporate futures planning, biomedicine, integrative medicine, science and technology studies. This for me is part of the magic of anthropology: it gives you a set of tools for studying any arena of life that captures your interest.”
Robbie Davis-Floyd

Welcome to my website!

This website contains the full texts of many of my published articles, for your convenience. It will also guide you to the talks that I give around the world, to my full CV and a short bio, and to the books that I have published.
I am available for public speaking in many forums: universities, childbirth and midwifery conferences, conferences on alternative health care, on gender issues, on myth and ritual, and on science and technology. I often sit on dissertation committees or serve as external examiner, and supervise independent study for students interested in creating their own projects. I also offer consulting and editorial services.
As an anthropologist, I have always sought to make my work relevant not only to students and other anthropologists, but also to the people
I study and to the general public.

I am a passionate believer in reaching out across disciplinary boundaries, as I hope the works in this website will attest. May they serve you well!

NEW NEWS!! Many of my articles have been translated into Spanish and now appear on this website next to their English versions–please click on “Articles” in the tabs to the left to see the Spanish translations!

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Robbie Davis-Floyd offers live-in internships to interested students. The purpose of the internship can range from an introduction to the Anthropology of Reproduction to writing up your Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, or article or book, with Robbie’s help. The internship could be designed as an Independent Study course for which you could get credit from your own university; it can also be used as a “writer’s retreat.” In return for her assistance with your project, Robbie will ask you at times to help with certain aspects of her own work, such as tape transcription or perhaps conducting interviews. Interns can also come to conduct fieldwork in Austin, where we have a rich variety of midwives and medical centers. The length of the internship can vary from some weeks to some months. If you are interested please contact Robbie at davis-floyd@austin.utexas.edu.


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