When I wrote my first e-mail to Robbie Davis-Floyd, encouraged by my dear friend, I did not believe for a minute to receive a reply from the world-known anthropologist. Robbie replied within a few hours, as she always does, and already the next day I was buying my ticket to Austin.

I have spent three weeks at Robbie’s home as an intern. My goal was to advance my doctoral thesis and to move beyond the point I was stuck in for awhile.

I wanted to improve the delivery of the research results and to get an expert’s opinion and advice on the direction I was taking. Robbie’s professional support and advice was beyond what I expected; and those three weeks turned out to be the most productive that I could remember throughout the years of writing. I have finished the last two chapters and have outlined the conclusions, which I was able to complete shortly after arriving home.

Already the very first day of my internship Robbie dived into reading my work rigorously. Every day she and I discussed and brainstormed various ideas and topics, which helped me move on and continue writing.At the same time, Robbie was copy-editing my text, which I appreciated a lot being a non-native English speaker. I had an opportunity to sit next to her during the edits and learn about the editing styles, grammar, punctuation, etc.Robbie, being an expert on childbirth research and literature, suggested many useful references that I could include in my work.She also connected me to people who would be useful to discuss the subject matter. Robbie’s guidance has brought back the confidence in myself and my research, which was necessary to complete my thesis.
During my visit, I had an opportunity to get a closer look into Robbie’s own work while transcribing and conducting interviews for her upcoming book. It was very useful and interesting to see a well-established researcher’s style and method of field working comparison to my own and to make note of different ways of doing fieldwork.
Apart from being an expert in her field, professionally supportive and inspiring, Robbie is a very kind and generous person. Her home is beautiful, spacious and welcoming, surrounded by woods, parks and walking trails. It is a perfect quiet retreat to think,to reflect and to write. I will always remember the magical Christmas month at Robbie’ shome – the afternoon creek walks, colourful sunsets from the terrace, Christmas parties, and, of course,the Christmas movie sessions! I should add that Robbie had the most beautifully and thoughtfully decorated Christmas home I have ever seen!
Thank you, Robbie, for your kindness, continuous support, for being my mentor and for dedicating your time and work into my professional guidance.

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