Articles on childbirth and obstetrics

  • “On Pregnancy” (ok as is)
  • “On Childbirth” (ok as is)
  • “Childbirth” (Sagesbirth4)
  • “Culture and Birth: The Technocratic Imperative” {ok as is}
  • “The Rituals of American Hospital Birth” {ok as is}
  • “Obstetric Training as a Rite of Passage” (ok as is}
  • “The Technocratic Body: American Childbirth as Cultural Expression” {ok as is}
  • “The Technocratic Model of Birth” {TechMod}
  • “The Technocratic, Humanistic, and Holistic Models of Birth” {ok as is}
  • “Anthropology and Birth Activism: What Do We Know?” {ANBirth6}

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